LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) has numerous advantages over other elementary analysis techniques:


Each laser pulse results in an acquisition. LIBS analysis can therefore take less than one tenth of a second. It is therefore suitable for production line analysis or process control.


The method is based on the emission of photons from the laser and the collection of photons from the plasma. This technique may be performed at a distance of up to several meters. It can therefore be used for contamination control, detection of contaminants (toxic, chemical, radionuclides, ionizing agents, etc.), or analysis in hostile environments (dust, ionizing radiation, toxic contaminant, etc.).

No need to prepare a sample

The pollutants or contamination present on the surface are removed naturally by the first laser shots.

All elements from the periodic table

Unlike X-ray fluorescence techniques, all of the atoms, even the lightest, can be analyzed.

All types of material

Regardless of their state (solid, liquid, gas) or their electrical properties (conductor, semi-conductor, insulator).