The new Quantom-LAB easily analyzes solid or liquid samples by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), down to ppm level.

This system allows to get a fast and accurate response without sample preparation. The LIBS technology is suitable for contaminants detection, matrix classification, mapping or quantification, for all elements in the periodic table.

quantom-web-2 Quantom-LAB, atomic emission spectroscopy by LIBS


  • Proprietary air-cooled DPSS Nd:YAG laser, with low beam divergence for high fluence
  • Patented achromatic and collinear focusing head
  • From 245 to 920 nm spectral range
    Spectral resolution depending on your configuration


quantom-web2High Laser beam quality




Libs bench 640 x 480 x 535 mm
 Monitor  17″
Weight 40 kg
Spectrometer Up to 4 channels, covering 245-920nm (custom configuration)
Laser class I (Eye safe)
Laser λ=1064 nm, E > 35 mJ
DIV < 0,6 mrad
REP. Rate = 20 Hz
Chamber X, Y, Z motorized stages  /  Gas flow option
Operational temperature 15-25°C