The Quantom product has been assessed on an industrial site during specification projects and audits performed by French eco-organizations.

The results have shown that:

  • Quantom complies with the WEEELABEX standard with regard to the depollution of polymer flux containing Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR)
  • Quantom complies with the new CENELEC TS 50625-3-1 standard (General depollution specification) and TS 50625-3-3 standard (Depollution specification for WEEE containing CRT and flat screens) and the associated testing protocol.
  • In addition to the detection of additives, Quantom has also demonstrated its performance in the identification of different resins for the production of Secondary Raw Materials.

    The material specifications assigned to streams sorted using Quantom have shown the following features:

    HIPS MFI of 11.3 Tensile modulus of 1995 Mpa
    ABS MFI of 9.4 Tensile modulus of 2323 Mpa

    Contact us to obtain certificates from testing performed on full samples.

    The equipment is manufactured in France and is compliant with CE (European Community) registered marking. Bertin Technologies is ISO 9001 – 2008 certified.