Work Package

The INSPIRE4LIFE project comprises 5 major tasks, summarized below:

A: Specifications and definition of the pilot program and process (Bertin Technologies Pilot)

The objective is to specify the materials comprising the various streams, to define the process and machine, to identify the suppliers and subcontractors of the building blocks of the pilot, and to identify the different sites capable of hosting the pilot. The task is finalized by means of the Machine Definition file.

B: Production, integration and operational checks (Bertin Technologies Pilot)

This task comprises the phases of production, provision and integration of each building block of the pilot. It then entails the testing and optimization of the machine and then the sorting process qualification phase as a whole.

C: Analysis of the environmental impact and socio-economic impact (Rescoll Pilot)

A life cycle analysis is performed to check the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the sorting process against those of the primary raw material production process.

D: Dissemination and communication (Rescoll Pilot)

This covers all of the actions pertaining to broadcasting and communications relating to the INSPIRE4LIFE project. A layman’s report, publication of articles and brochures are the media to be provided for the dissemination of the innovative sorting process.

E: Project management (Bertin Technologies Pilot)

This task comprises all of the project management activities and reporting to the Environment General Manager.