The INSPIRE project (“Innovative sorting process recycling”) is a European project supported since 2013 by the LIFE+ program.

This project aims to develop a new polymer sorting process, in particular black polymers, to improve their recycling rate in Europe.


Life+ co-funds activity to protect the environment. The overall objective is to contribute to the application, updating and development of community law and policy pertaining to the environment, in particular the inclusion of the environment in other policies and to therefore contribute to sustainable development.

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Supported and directed by Bertin Technologies in association with Rescoll, the project should respond to environmental issues associated with plastics recycling.
The main targeted European Union policies are:

  • Waste and Natural Resources
  • Directive 2008/98/EC on waste
  • Landfill Directive 1999//31/EC

The project is working toward a pilot program which will be assessed on an industrial site.

INSPIRE – Schematic diagram (not definitive) Quantom - WEEE materials upgrading

Inspire 4 LIFE: description and performances are available!

After having crossed-referenced the results of the analysis between Quantom InLine and the RESCOLL laboratory equipments, the LIBS technology machine developed by Bertin Technologies proudly displays a percentage of purity of plastic sorting between 96 and 99% for HIPS and ABS-PC with or without bromine.
Read the synthesis report that describes the QuantomInLine and the measured performance of the sorting process!
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