The consortium is composed of Bertin Technologies, project leader, and Rescoll, associate beneficiary.

In addition, a major WEEE sorting and recycling company has committed to accept the pilot program for the industrial demonstration phase.

Bertin Technologies designs and produces equipment with high levels of added value both within France and overseas. Its skill sets and knowledge, and those of its parent company CNIM, enable Bertin to offer unique solutions to respond to environmental issues. Bertin therefore supplies the following products to the environment and sorting sector:

  • Coriolis, for air quality,
  • Sterilwave, for the processing of hospital waste,
  • Quantom, for the recycling of black polymers,
  • Reculab from LAB Geodur, for the recovery of metals from incineration plants.

We are also capable of developing to specification a customer solution taking into account:

  • our capacity to integrate innovative technologies, thanks to our R&D, in an industrial process or a specific machine,
  • our mastery of various engineering sciences: automation, mechanics, optics, control command.

Rescoll is a fabrication, analysis and specification R&D service provider company, supporting the industry through innovation. The knowledge base at Rescoll covers materials specification, the mechanical and vibrational testing thereof and fire resistance in addition to chemical analysis (chromatography and spectrometry). Rescoll offers fabrication capabilities using polymers and composites. The company also has a presence in the environmental field through its ecodesign, life cycle analysis, regulatory studies and ETV certification.